Re: [ecasound] ten years since 1.1.4r1!

From: linux media 4 <linuxmedia4@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jul 02 2009 - 20:31:51 EEST

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> Hello all,
> as of today, it's exactly ten years since the first release of Ecasound
> under GPL!
> I had been dabbling with the codebase already since 1997. But for the
> first few years, I was just using the software myself, i.e. just
> scratching my own itch. The thought of releasing the app for others to
> use, occured to me only in 1999. The first public mention of the app was
> on linux-sound mailing list:

The best compliment I can offer is the fact that I can write an ecasound
based project for around 5 years now. I don't think I could have been
able to do this unless ecasound was so versatile, stable and
full-featured. I can't recall anything that I haven't been able to do
with it.

I'm more of a musician than a technician, and I'm not a C programmer.
But there's so many hidden gems in ecasound's many features that I think
anyone with an imagination could spend a lifetime writing ecasound based
programs, front-ends and the like.

Thanks for the great programs and all the work you've put into it.


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