[ecasound] ten years since 1.1.4r1!

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 01 2009 - 02:14:39 EEST

Hello all,

as of today, it's exactly ten years since the first release of Ecasound
under GPL!

I had been dabbling with the codebase already since 1997. But for the
first few years, I was just using the software myself, i.e. just
scratching my own itch. The thought of releasing the app for others to
use, occured to me only in 1999. The first public mention of the app was
on linux-sound mailing list:


I immediately got a few response mails from interested people (Dan Boger,
someone with a mail alias '17.hzV.tRL.478', Michael Stutz and Jeremy
Hall), asking where to get a tarball.

This further encouraged me to license the app under GPL, and put a release
out, which I did a few weeks later. Unfortunately, as often happens, the
very first r1 release (out on 30th June 1999), had some rather severe
bugs, so 1.1.5r2 followed on the next day (July 1st). First announcement
mail was sent about 1.1.5r2 to linux-sound list:


The rest of the history is already well documented in the archives of this
list, and most importantly, in the git (formerly CVS) commit history.

I was aiming to release 2.7.0 today to mark the anniversary, but I simply
ran out of time, and thus decided to just write this mail instead.

One reason, why I wanted to still write a mail today, was to highlight the

In other words I want to thank the long list of people who have
contributed to Ecasound during the years! Aside people already mentioned
in AUTHORS, a significant source of contributions has always been this
list. So thanks everybody!

And to wrap up the mail, here's some random 10-year statistics:

1. Total of 41 official releases (1.1.4r1 -> 2.6.0)
    (-> avg of 4 releases per year)
2. Total of 6689 mails to ecasound-list (Aug/1999 onwards)
    (-> avg of ~56 mails per month)
3. Total of 2118 commits to the codebase (Jan/2000 onwards)
    (-> avg of ~19 commits per month)

Now back to work with 2.7.0. Next anniversary update then maybe in June


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