[ecasound] AUTHORS-file (was: Re: ten years since 1.1.4r1!)

From: Kai Vehmanen <kvehmanen@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sun Jul 05 2009 - 14:59:13 EEST

Hi all,

On Wed, 1 Jul 2009, Kai Vehmanen wrote:

> One reason, why I wanted to still write a mail today, was to highlight the
> AUTHORS file:
> http://eca.cx/ecasound/authors.php
> In other words I want to thank the long list of people who have
> contributed to Ecasound during the years! Aside people already mentioned

thanks to a private mail I got after the ten year post, I now realized
that the AUTHORS file is not quite up-to-date. Starting from the 2.2.1
release, I've been tracking contributors in the release notes (as the
release notes get much more publicity than the AUTHORS file -> posted to
linux-audio-annonce list and usually end up in lwn.net weekly news). I
kicked this off with:

  "Vanity Appeal :)"

The smiley is still in order, as I do think giving credits properly is a
critical thing for any open-source project. We all benefit from
contributions (not just patches, but all kind of help that pushes the
project forward), so the least we can do is to list the people who have

So I've now collected list of all contributors (altogether 90 people!)
from the release notes (since 2.2.1) and added them to the AUTHORS file.
This way the full list of people gets also distributed along with the
release tarballs (the original release notes are not included).

So here's a verbatim copy of the added segment (also online at
http://eca.cx/ecasound/authors.php and committed to the git repo):

Contributions - Patches, Bug Hunting and Feature Proposals

Starting from 2.2.1 release (in Feb/2003), contributors have
been listed in the release notes. For all past releases notes,

   - http://eca.cx/relnotes/

Below is a list of all contributors to 2.2.1 and beyond, collected
from the published releases notes, and listed in the order they appear
in the release notes:

Junichi Uekawa
Kai Vehmanen
Janne Halttunen
Antti Boman
William Goldsmith
Oliver Thuns
Mario Lang
Michael Hellwig
Janno Liivak
Raoul Megelas
Jan Stary
Daniel Kruszyna
Jeremy Hall
Vegard Lima
Carsten Bauer
Ismail Donmez
Lars Henrik Mai
Stephan Niemz
Al Oemens
Tommi Uimonen
Hirendra Hindocha
Stefan Bundt
Dave Phillips
Jan Weil
Mark de Wever
Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano
Michael Ewe
Eric Dantan Rzewnicki
Pierre Lorenzon
Jesse Chappell
Sean Bolton
Adam Linson
Paul Winkler
Didier Bellamy
Manfred Berndtgen
Stéphane Letz
Paul Marquardt
kito -at- gentoo-org
jcwjcw -at- qwest-net
Vitaly Belostotsky
Steve Harris
Tim Blechmann
Aaron Heller
Kamil Wencel
Julien Claassen
Erik de Castro Lopo
Frederik Eaton
Philippe Schelté aka Dubphil
Julian Dobson
Alexey Shchepin
Brad Fuller
Peter Lutek
Stuart Allie
Jeffrey Cunningham
Kyle Kirkland
Olivier Guilyardi
Jack O'Quin
Pierre Lorenzon
Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Pedro Antonio Fructuoso Merino
Arieh Skliarouk
Tom Rosenfeld
Valery -at- vslash -dot com
Markus Grabner
Michael Willoughby
Rocco <linuxmedia -at- netscape-net>
Dave Serls
Stephen Stocker
Aaron Heller
Chris Head
Zrajm Akfohg
Florian Ladstaedter
Koen <kbr -at- patat-org>
Kurt Konolige
Brad Bowman
Joel Roth
Martin Michlmayr
Joe Planisky
Rémi Rouaud
Etienne Deleflie
Klaus Schulz
Keith Creasy
Cyril Brulebois
Fabian Groffen
Andrew Lees
Sergei Steshenko
Alexis Ballier
Avuton Olrich
Dominic Sacré
Erik Nomitch


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