[ecasound] 64 bit question

From: Al Steffens <apsteffe@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Feb 17 2010 - 14:53:54 EET

I question whether we (the human ear) can hear the difference between 16
bit and 24 bit audio. I know I can't. If there has ever been a
double-blind experiment by professional researchers, I'd be interested
to know. When 24 bit audio was coming out in commercial devices I
attended an engineering seminar in Los Angeles by Texas Instruments. In
promoting their new 24 bit capability, Texas Instruments reps could only
dodge this question by saying that there are marketing pressures to
offer 24 bits. As it is, one is pressed to show whether typical
amplifiers have the SNR and linearity and bandwidth to resolve 1/32768
of a harmonic component, let alone 1/8388608.

One of the superior capabilities of Ecasound is as a real-time
processor, such as a jack client. In my opinion, it would not make
sense to increase the computational load at the risk of degrading
real-time performance, unless 64 bit machines make this load transparent.


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