Re: [ecasound] multichannel confusion

From: <plutek@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jun 08 2007 - 15:32:38 EEST

>From: Julien Claassen <>

> Half the amplitude? No problem: try adding: -z:mixmode,sum at the end or
>beginning of your options. b default it uses the -z:mixmode,avg option, which
>maybe useful if you mixdown a lot of x-channel files to one x-channel file. If
>you'd add all the amps, it'd be too much. So ecasound can average the amps and
>add them then. It divides each files amplitude by the number of chains, thus
>even in the worst case you'd have no clipping.

ok, that works. it just seems counter-intuitive that chcopy is a mix operation with a default of averaging a signal and null, in this sort of situation. however, i guess if one was chcopying a number of channels to one destination channel, that would be necessary.

thanks for the help -- i've learned a little more about how ecasound's (or kai's) brain works!

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