[ecasound] direction for a live/improv audio environment

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Date: Wed Jun 13 2007 - 23:48:37 EEST


I've been reading about ecasound/super ecasound and lisp trying to get some
orientation on the idea i want to see realized. I've tried searching this
out in forums but its hard to choose descriptive search terms and I've found
little on the topic. I'm sure progress and perhaps completion has been
achieved somewhere already, but i dont know where, and I'd like to find and
participate in a project towards this end:

An real time environment where basic music processes are ordered ahead of
time in a file and are manipulated in a live environment.

for instance, I write out that in this session i want to record four
measures at a certain bpm, loop that, then cut out the second and fouth
measures of that and loop the truncated version, stop looping and send live
input through a process calling a pure-data algroithim (a max/msp type
programming environment for linux, check it out if you dont know about it),
loop only the first measure and record a measure from the live input and
loop both of those, and so on.

then in a live situation, pressing a button or someother user stimulus
executes the next event, so that one could play over the loop for an
undertermined period of time before starting the truncated loop, and then
press a different button to skip over the next event and another to back up
and re-record a botched take.

It makes sense to me to take advantage of all the great comand line
applications such as ecasound, jack, pd, etc and control them with either a
scripting language or lisp.

sound familiar to anyone? ;)

-010 010

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