Re: [Jackit-devel] Re: [ecasound] new ecasound jack plugin

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Subject: Re: [Jackit-devel] Re: [ecasound] new ecasound jack plugin
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 13:28:02 EET

***> Note for jack-devel people!

Now that I have CVS-access, I could do the...
     "ALSA I/O:Input X" --> "alsa:in_X"
     "ALSA I/O:Output X" --> "alsa:out_X"

.. change. Let's ask this way, anyone against this? If not, I'll make the
change (I've already made it locally).

So the generic format is:


- client_name = name of client, should allow multiple instances
- portgroup = identifies a logical group of ports ("in", "out",
              "fx_in", "bus1", etc)
- channel postfix = makes easier to make implicit multichannel
                    connections (think of connecting to a 24ch
                          mixer client... not fun even with
                     patchbay GUI)

At the moment these are just recommendations. Clients are still free to
choose how they will name themselves and their ports.

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Jeremy Hall wrote:

> and what if I want that to show up on channel 23? do I have to specify 22
> other jack outputs so that what I want shows up on 23?

Like Paul already mentioned, if we had a separate app for making jack
connections, you could just connect 'ecasound:right_out_1' -> 'ALSA
I/O:Output 23'. Ecasound doesn't have to know about this.

As it is now, for instance ecasound automatically connects its ports to
ALSA ports...

        ALSA I/O:Input 1 -> ecasound:stereo_in_1
        ALSA I/O:Input 2 -> ecasound:stereo_in_2
        ecasound:left_out_1 -> ALSA I/O:Output 1
        ecasound:right_out_2 -> ALSA I/O:Output 2

So you can actually already send data to 23th channel. For instance,
"ecasound -i foo.wav -rc:1,23 -f:f32,24,44100 -o jack,out". But not
very elegant nor efficient.

This has however already changed. In my working tree, I have multiple
variants of the jack plugin:

ecasound -i null -f:f32_le,X,44100 -o jack_alsa,out
        - creates X output ports labelled 'ecasound:out_X'
        - makes connections 'ecasound:out_X' -> 'alsa:out_X'
        - similarly for inputs

ecasound -i null -f:f32_le,X,44100 -o jack_multi,out,alsa:out
        - like above but you can specify the target prefix
        - makes connections 'ecasound:out_X' -> 'alsa:out_X'

ecasound -i null -f:f32_le,1,44100 -o jack_mono,myoutput,alsa:out_26
        - creates 1 mono output port
        - makes connection 'ecasound:myoutput' -> 'alsa:out_26'

ecasound -i null -f:f32_le,X,44100 -o jack_generic,ecaout
        - creates X output ports with name 'ecasound:ecaout_X'
        - makes no implicit connections

This should cover most needs.

 Audio software for Linux!

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