[ecasound] devel-release: 2.1dev5

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Subject: [ecasound] devel-release: 2.1dev5
From: Kai Vehmanen (kai.vehmanen_AT_wakkanet.fi)
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 15:12:47 EET

As it's over a month since dev4, and there are no known serious problems
with the current CVS-tree, it's time to get 2.1dev5 out.

Instead of coding, I've spent quite a lot of time using ecasound for
actual real work (ie. recording and mixing music) during the last few
weeks. As a matter of fact, I think I've recorded more material with
2.1dev5 than with any other ecasound release.

The bad news is that this has slowed development quite a bit, but on the
other hand, the good news is that ecasound seems to work very nicely now.
Thanks to the new disk-i/o subsystem and semi-intelligent parameter
selection, ecasound usually works as it should without need for additional
fine-tuning. There are some minor annoying features, but most of them are
old issues, and already on the todo-list. The bottom line is that I've
been able to record multiple long tracks without any xrun or synchronation
problems! Yay! :)

05122001 (v2.1dev5)
        - added: docs - Documentation/manpages.html
        - added: ecalength - -su option added [smassy]
        - added: experimental support for largefiles (>2GB);
                 enabled with --with-largefile configure option
        - changed: most preset names changed in 'effect_presets'
        - changed: ecasoundrc - new defaults for mp3 and ogg
        - changed: unified kvutils build process; added separate
                   libkvutils_debug target; CXXFLAGS shared with
                   ecasound build configuration
        - fixed: processing didn't stop with setups that had loop-
                 devices connected to multiple input objects
        - fixed: using loop devices in setups with non-default
                 internal sample rate could cause unwanted
        - fixed: -kog and -f were broken (since dev4)
        - fixed: bugs in passing audio format params to
                 mp3 and ogg encoders; note! update your
                 ~/.ecasoundrc to match the new defaults,
                 see ecasoundrc(5) man page
        - fixed: ecasound wrote to ewf-files opened in read-only mode
        - fixed: work-around for environments without the C99 stdint.h
                 header file [anarcat]
        - fixed: eiam - problems with 'cs-set-position-samples',
                 'cs-rewind' and 'cs-forward' with unconnected

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