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Ecasound - Authors

*** Ecasound - AUTHORS file                                         ***

Note about author information in version control (git)

For recent development history (since August 2008), the Ecasound git
repository (see:
 - http://ecasound.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=ecasound ) 
... contains accurate author information. For earlier commits, the git
repository does not provide an accurate view, as all of these
pre-2008/Aug patches were committed by the release manager. However,
even in the older commits, the original author (if different from
commit author), is identified in the patch description (e.g. "Patch
from.." or "Patch by..").

Main author, coordination of development

Kai Vehmanen [kaiv] (kvcontact -at- nosignal -dot- fi)

New functionality, refactoring old code

Allie, Stuart [allies] (stuart -dot- allie -at- hydro -dot- com -dot- au)
	Added EIAM command set for controller parameters (ctrlp-*), bugfixes.
Bowman, Brad [bowman]
	Perl ECI binding, bug hunting.
Chappell, Jesse [jesse] (jesse -at- essej -dot- net)
	Improvements to libsndfile support, various bugfixes.
Coker, Rob  [rcs] (rcs -at- birch -dot- net)
	Pulse gate (-eemp) code.
Cunningham, Jeffrey [jeffrey] (jeffrey -at- cunningham -dot- net)
	Various improvements to ecasignalview.
Dobson, Julian [juliand]
	Improved mechanism for mp3 header parsing.
Ewe, Michael [mewe]
	Signal handling bugfixes to ecasignalview and the ECI C impl.
Fendt, Stefan (stefan -at- lionfish -dot- ping -dot- de)
	Original code for reverb (-ete) and RC-lowpass filter (-ef4).
Ghedini, Alessandro [ghedo]
        Patches to build scripts, ecasound.el, documentation and others.
Hall, Jeremy [jhall] (jhall -at- maoz -dot- com)
	Extensive testing, ALSA 0.6.x support, many design ideas.
Halttunen, Janne [jhalttun]
	Helped in developing the EIAM, and specifically the 
        new ECI concept. Wrote the native Python ECI implementation.
Hamara, Arto [artham] (artham -at- utu -dot- fi)
	Ecasound logo(s), preset params, general linear
	envelope support, various bug fixes!
Jeanneau, Aymeric [ajeanneau] (ajeanneau -at- cvf -dot- fr)
	Reentrant libecasoundc (C ECI) implementation.
Lang, Mario [mlang]
	Ecasound.el, the ecasound emacs module.
Leake, Tony [tonyleake]
	PHP ECI extension.
Lees, Andrew [andrewl]
	Reopen functionality to threshold gate (-ge).
Linson, Adam [alinson]
	Adding the cop-get command
Lopez-Cabanillas, Pedro [pedrolc] (pedro -dot- lopez-cabanillas -at- gmail -dot -com)
	ALSA sequencer interface support.
Massy, S. [smassy]
	Ecalength utility, extensive testing and debugging.
Poelstra, Remco [rjpoelstra]
	ECI C API bug hunting.
Polton, Richard [rpolton]
	The 250k gcc3.x patch. :)
Salwen, Jeremy [jeremysalwen]
	LV2 support
Tiedemann, Eric S. [est]
	Wrote the eci.py interface.
Uekawa, Junichi [juekawa]
	Maintainer for Ecasound's Debian package. Improvements to build 
	system and numerous bugfixes.
Weil, Jan [janweil] (Jan -dot- Weil -at- web -dot- de)
	Wrote the Ruby ECI implementation.


Anarcat  [anarcat]
	Work on Ecasound's FreeBSD port.
Amundsen, Eric [amundsen]
	Bug hunting. 
Beaupre, Antoine [beaupran]
	Patches for FreeBSD compatibility.
Berndtgen, Manfred [mb]
	Bugfix to ecasignalview.
Bolton, Sean [smbolton]
	Patches for Mac OS X compability.
Brulebois, Cyril [cyrilbrulebois]
	Patches for issues reported by GCC 3.4.
Campbell, Ross [rcampbel]
	Tips concerning Solaris compatibility.
Carmack, Michael [karmak]
	Tips concerning Solaris.
Claassen, Julien [julien]
	Ideas for interface development, marketing work.
Darilek, Nolan [nolan_d]
	Ogg vorbis fixes.
Dye, Rob [rob]
	OSS compilation fixes.
Eure, Ian [ieure]
	Work on the Ecasound debian packages.
Fischer, Hans-Georg [hgfischer]
	Bug fix that solved edi-1.
Grabner Markus [grabner]
	Updated RPM spec-file for x86_64 platforms.
Groffen, Fabian [grobian] (grobian -at- gentoo -dot- org)
	OS X build fixes.
Runge, David [dvzrv]
        fix to lv2 build checks
Head, Chris [hawk777]
	Patches fixing ecasignalview build errors.
Heller, Aaron [aheller]
	Fixes to big-endian support.
Harris, Steve [swharris]
	gcc 2.96 (RH7.0) testing and fixes.
Hughes, Jeremy [jedahu]
	Bugfix for JACK port muting
Lavallée, Marc [marclava]
	Rpm-spec for Mandrake. Updates to Python3 support
Merino, Pedro Antonio Fructuoso [pfructuoso]
	Various bugfix patches.
Morris, Steve [smorris]
	Ewf-handling fixes.
O'Toole David [dto]
	Patches to ecasound.el.
Petit, Bertrand
	Helped with POSIX-compatibility issues.
Poulton, Ron [thok]
	Helped to track down the mysterious chain-bug.
Rzewnicki, Eric Dantan [ericdr]
	Lots of typo fixes and corrections to Ecasound docs.
Sacré, Dominic [dsacre]
	Fixes to 'jack_generic'.
Sassmannshausen, Ruediger [rsassman]
	Mp3 filename parsing fixes.
Shchepin, Alexey [alexey]
	Bugfix to time crop gate operator (-gc).
Sijrier, Remon [remon]
	Fix to a bug in setting -eca initial values.
Smith, Richard A.
	Helped in solving the "gcc 2.95" bug.
Sousa, Rui
	OSS bug fixes.
Stradling, Rob [robstr]
	MIDI-MMC bug fixes.
Tkachenko, Vadim - 
	Helped to get started with autoconf.
Yee-king, Matt [yeeking]
	Helped debugging big-endian troubles on PowerPC.
Westbrook, Tim [iondiode]
	Autoconf 2.5x fixes.
Wever, Mark de [koraq]
	Bugs in libecasoundc-config.
Wróblewski, Artur [wrobell]
	PLD-Linux RPM-specfile, readline and destdir patches.

Contributions - Patches, Bug Hunting and Feature Proposals

Starting from 2.2.1 release (in Feb/2003), contributors have
been listed in the release notes. For all past releases notes,

  - http://nosignal.fi/ecasound/relnotes/

Below is a list of all contributors to 2.2.1 and beyond, collected
from the published releases notes, and listed in the order they appear
in the release notes:

Junichi Uekawa
Kai Vehmanen
Janne Halttunen
Antti Boman
William Goldsmith
Oliver Thuns
Mario Lang
Michael Hellwig
Janno Liivak
Raoul Megelas
Jan Stary
Daniel Kruszyna
Jeremy Hall
Vegard Lima
Carsten Bauer
Ismail Donmez
Lars Henrik Mai
Stephan Niemz
Al Oemens
Tommi Uimonen
Hirendra Hindocha
Stefan Bundt
Dave Phillips
Jan Weil
Mark de Wever
Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano
Michael Ewe
Eric Dantan Rzewnicki
Pierre Lorenzon
Jesse Chappell
Sean Bolton
Adam Linson
Paul Winkler
Didier Bellamy
Manfred Berndtgen
Stéphane Letz
Paul Marquardt
kito -at- gentoo-org
jcwjcw -at- qwest-net
Vitaly Belostotsky
Steve Harris
Tim Blechmann
Aaron Heller
Kamil Wencel
Julien Claassen
Erik de Castro Lopo
Frederik Eaton
Philippe Schelté aka Dubphil
Julian Dobson
Alexey Shchepin
Brad Fuller
Peter Lutek
Stuart Allie
Jeffrey Cunningham
Kyle Kirkland
Olivier Guilyardi
Jack O'Quin
Pierre Lorenzon
Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Pedro Antonio Fructuoso Merino
Arieh Skliarouk
Tom Rosenfeld
Valery -at- vslash -dot com
Markus Grabner
Michael Willoughby
Dave Serls
Stephen Stocker
Aaron Heller
Chris Head
Zrajm Akfohg
Florian Ladstaedter
Kurt Konolige
Brad Bowman
Joel Roth
Martin Michlmayr
Joe Planisky
Rémi Rouaud
Etienne Deleflie
Klaus Schulz
Keith Creasy
Cyril Brulebois
Fabian Groffen
Andrew Lees
Sergei Steshenko
Alexis Ballier
Avuton Olrich
Dominic Sacré
Erik Nomitch
Alessandro Ghedini
Knut Petersen
Brett Koonce

Code from other projects

Davis Paul
	pthread_mutex_spinlock() from libpbd.
Dyson, John S.
	The original advanced compressor (-eca) code.
Furse, Richard W.E.
	Sine tone generation code from Computer Music Toolkit
	LADSPA plugin set is used in AUDIO_IO_TONE.
Harris, Steve and Tim Blechmann
	Denormal handling code from swh-plugins package.
Laydier, Antoine [SMF]
	Mp3 header parsing (layer.cpp).

Note! The developer tags (for example [kaiv] is one) are used
      throughout Ecasound docs: NEWS, TODO-list, edi-list.txt, 
      ChangeLog files and so on.

Copyright © 2000-2020 Kai Vehmanen Creative Commons License
This page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.