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mirrors: nosignal.fi (eu) / seul.org (us) / sourceforge.net (us)

Ecasound - Requirements

To run Ecasound, you need...:

- Operating system that provides standard POSIX/SUS interfaces. Ecasound
  has been reported to run succefully on various combinations of GNU/Linux 
  (starting from Linux 2.2+ and glibc 2.1+), FreeBSD 4.x+, Solaris 2.6+,
  Mac OS X 10.3+ and Win32/Cygwin 1.3.20+.
Optional when running Ecasound:

- for real-time audio input/output: ALSA, JACK or OSS runtime
- for mp3 support: mpg123 (input) and lame (output) packages
- for Ogg Vorbis support, the vorbis-tools package (ogg123 and oggenc)
- for .aac/.m4a/.mp4 file support, the FAAC/FAAD2 tools
- for .flac support, the FLAC package
- for MIDI .mid file input: Timidity++
- for tracker module support: MikMod package
- for aRts (legacy KDE) support: the aRts server package

To compile Ecasound, you also need...:

- POSIX/SUS development environment, compatible with 
  'The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2' (UNIX98):
  Ecasound requires the following feature groups:
     - "Realtime":
     - "Realtime Threads":
- Standard C++ build environment (with support for STL and 
  exceptions); tested with egcs 1.1.2, gcc versions 2.91.66, 
  2.95.X, 3.0-3.4, 4.0-4.3, and Sun Workshop 6 C5.2 C++.
- GNU make.

Optional when compiling Ecasound:

- for extented file format support (aiff, snd, w64 and so forth): 
     - libaudiofile (SGI audio file  library) runtime, and/or
     - libsndfile 
- for higher quality resampling: libsamplerate
- for pyecasound, the Python devel package
- for curses support, the ncurses devel package
- for LADSPA support, the LADSPA SDK package
- for LV2 support, liblilv devel package newer than 0.5.0
- for ALSA support, the ALSA devel package
- for JACK support, the JACK devel package
- for aRts support, the aRts C-API devel package

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This page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.