Re: [ecasound] Selecting a portion of output

From: Linux Media <linuxmedia2@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Feb 11 2010 - 04:56:17 EET

> I'm looking to get a clip of the output instead of the whole thing.
> I'm already using the -t switch to get the first few seconds of output
> as a preview, but is it possible to set a start time also? (ie. if I
> wanted to only get from the 10 second point to the 15 second point)
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Brian

ecasound -i:select,10,5,In.wav -o:out.wav

You may also need to set the file attributes with the -f switch. For

ecasound -i:select,10,5,In.wav -f:16,1,48000 -o:out.wav

This would indicate that you want 'out.wav' to be a 16 bit, one channel
file sampled at 48000. If your input file is actually a wav file, then
attributes will already be set because of good header info in the wav
file. If not, then you may need to also set the file attributes just in
front of the input file.

See 'man ecasound' for further explaination.

Hope this helps,

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