[ecasound] can a soundcard generate pure DC output?

From: Michael Hellwig <michael.hellwig@email-addr-hidden-ulm.de>
Date: Fri Jun 01 2007 - 13:08:02 EEST

I need this info for a project (physics) I'm working on and you bunch
here are the ones who know most about sound hardware and how to drive
it, at least of the people I could think of.

So. Given some higher-level soundcard that supports 24bit/96kHz or even
192kHz (the DACs for that seem to be easily available at analog.com), is
it possible with an existing audio driver (i.e. alsa) to tell such a
card to output a certain DC voltage (at that 24bit precision) on a channel?

Because that would be really cool in that it would mean we wouldn't have
to buy chips or evaluation bords and do a lot of development ourselves
.. using existing stuff is of course always better.

I'm just a little doubtful since of course in audio work, DC signals are
always to be avoided ...

thanks for any hints or thoughts!

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