Re: [ecasound] cvs compile prob

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] cvs compile prob
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 15:38:43 EET

On Sat, 8 Dec 2001, Junichi Uekawa wrote:

>>> "gcc: /usr/local/ecasound-cvs/libecasound/.libs/.libs/ No
> Actually, it happend on my system too.
> So, old libtool should have been able to process this, but
> the libtool I am using now, doesn't like it.

I now went through all the ecasound's and fixed quite a few
things. If we're still doing something wrong, at least we are now
consistent. :) Specific rules I used:
        - shared libs built _with_ libtool are _not_ linked against
          other ecasound shared libs (for instance we won't link
          libecasound against libkvutils, although when building
          actual apps, both libs must be available)
        - shared libs built _without_ libtool (such as
          are linked against other libs; the
          '-L$(top_builddir)/kvutils/.libs -lkvutils' syntax
          must be used
        - when building standalone programs _with_ libtool, we
          link against libtool library files (,
, etc)

These don't apply to programs compiled outside the ecasound source-tree.
In these cases output of 'ecasound-config --cflags' and 'ecasound-config
--libs' should be added to compiler and linker flags.

> The following is a patch:
> --- ecasound-orig/libecasound/ Wed Dec 5 02:10:45 2001
> +++ ecasound/libecasound/ Sat Dec 8 17:40:34 2001
> +kvutils_libs = -L$(top_srcdir)/kvutils -lkvutils
> +kvutils_debug_libs = -L$(top_srcdir)/kvutils -lkvutils_debug

So for instance here we just remove all kvutils related linker flags.

> +++ ecasound/libecasound/plugins/ Sat Dec 8 17:50:49 2001
> -kvutils_libs = -L$(top_srcdir)/kvutils/.libs -lkvutils
> +kvutils_libs = -L$(top_srcdir)/kvutils -lkvutils

Same here.

> But, I really don't like the way libtool is changing...
> Am I doing something wrong ?

A good question. It seems to be difficult to get information about more
complex uses of libtool. Best resource is makefiles from other projects,
but all seem to use libtool in subtly different ways. Of course you can
always test things yourself, and read the source code (that of libtool in
this case), but this way you only know how _one_ version of libtool
works... :(

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