Re: [ecasound] largefile update

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] largefile update
From: The Anarcat (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 20:02:12 EET

On Tue Dec 04, 2001 at 07:17:39PM +0200, Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, The Anarcat wrote:
> > [freebsd maintainer hat on]
> [...]
> > I'm available for further tests/checks, however, I'm not sure compiling
> > the CVS version of ecasound is one of these, since it takes a few hours
> > here, and I'm not sure it would compile. ;)
> Hmm, I checked a few freebsd man pages and I think the current tree
> actually should compile fine. You can get somewhat quicker
> compilation with the following:

Ok. I was fast indeed, but not complete. ;) It just got past configure:

Type 'make' to compile the package and 'make install' to install.
cd . && autoheader warning: AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow cross compiling
cd . && CONFIG_FILES= CONFIG_HEADERS=config.h /bin/sh ./config.status
creating config.h
config.h is unchanged
make all-recursive
Making all in kvutils
source='kvutils.cpp' object='kvutils.lo' libtool=yes depfile='.deps/kvutils.Plo' tmpdepfile='.deps/kvutils.TPlo' depmode=none /bin/sh ../depcomp
/bin/sh ../libtool --mode=compile c++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -D_THREAD_SAFE -D_REENTRANT -g -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -ffast-math -DENABLE_DBC -pthread
-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -c -o kvutils.lo `test -f kvutils.cpp
|| echo './'`kvutils.cpp
../depcomp: Can't open ../depcomp: No such file or directory

What's that depcomp thing?

Also note that libaudiofile is still not detected properly

Libaudiofile: no

that's because it's not checking for the lib in /usr/local/lib:

configure:3576: checking for main in -laudiofile
configure:3591: c++ -o conftest -D_REENTRANT -g -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -ffast -math -DENABLE_DBC -pthread -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_THREAD_SAFE conftest.C -laudiofile -lm 1>&5
/usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -laudiofile

I also had funny warnings:

ecasound/ warning: automake does not support conditional definition of termcap_library in ecasound_LDADD

kvutils/ DIST_COMMON was set with `=' and is now set with `+='
libecasoundc/ libecasoundc_debug_la_LIBADD multiply defined in co
ndition TRUE

/u/anarcat/src/ports/audio/ecasound-test/missing: Unknown `--run' option
Try `/u/anarcat/src/ports/audio/ecasound-test/missing --help' for more
configure: warning: `missing' script is too old or missing

I like the last one better. :)


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