[ecasound] re: Ecasound questions (fwd)

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Subject: [ecasound] re: Ecasound questions (fwd)
From: Kai Vehmanen (kaiv@wakkanet.fi)
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 17:20:38 EET

Here's some info about fade-in/outs and the new ewf-format:

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> My problems are:
> 1) can I delay starting audio source in mixing ?
> I have experiment with -y parameter but it
> don't work with negative values.

Yes, the ewf file format is meant just for this. In ecasound 1.6.x
(and older), ewf is not very usable (only wav files and simple sample
offsets), but 1.7.x will offer a more flexible ewf-format. Here's
a sample ewf-file (1.7.x):

--cut track02.ewf --
source = track02.wav
offset = 1.5
length = 200
looping = true
start_position = 0
loop_start_position = 0

I still might change the format somewhat, but it's already close to
what I want.

> 2) I want realize fade-in fade-out function; I have experiment with
> envelope function (-kl) and Generic oscillator (-kf) connected to
> amplifiers(-ea); oscillator was made with array of points with
> frequency = 1/length of audio input, but the solution is not the best

Fade-ins are best done with -kl and -kl2 (in 1.7.x). For 5 sec fade-in:

ecasound -i file.wav -o file.wav -ea:100 -kl:1,0,100,5 -t:5

And for 5 sec fade-out (the first 60 secs are skipped):

ecasound -i file.wav -y:60 -o file.wav -y:60 -ea:100 -kl:1,100,0,5 -t:5

In 1.7.x you can also do:

ecasound -i file.wav -o another.wav -ea:100 -kl2:1,100,0,60,5

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 . http://www.wakkanet.fi/ecasound/ - linux multitrack audio processing
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